Living Room


Living Room

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Laurie Levine, a 2007 SAMA (South African Music Award) nominee, is fast building a reputation as an artist with a fresh approach and unique sound. A prolific songwriter with a jazzy, soulful voice that breathes life into her songs and embodies the emotional core of her lyrics, Laurie’s music comes from the ‘heartspace’, the word poet Breyten Breytenbach uses to describe South Africa’s anguished beauty. Her songs touch our ‘unspoken’ corners; her sounds are a contemporary interpretation of true folk. Levine’s debut album, “Unspoken”, was nominated for a SAMA (South African Music Award) in 2007 and since then she has managed to build on the strong foundations laid with that record. The album,  which was recorded and produced by Dan Roberts over an intense  one‐year in‐studio period, is set to break new ground on the local  singer‐songwriter scene with its blend of Nashville verve and “Nu Folk”  sophistication. The 12 track release embodies an organic and  mature sound backed by beautiful melodies and stark lyrical honesty.     While recording, Laurie has also been developing her live act, and  the additions of accordion, mandolin and piano have already alerted  audiences to her evocative new sound.

  • Music Genre: Pop/Rock
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1. Kites  
2. Where Do We Go  
3. Scrambling  
4. Tonight  
5. Advance  
6. Boat Song  
7. First Time  
8. Nameless Face  
9. No More (A Wandering)  
10. 3 O?Clock  
11. This Kind Of Intimacy  
12. There Are No Words  

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